Why We Don’t


James 4:7b tells us to “Resist the devil.” If given the slightest chance he will try to take you out. But do you know how to resist? Do you know why and where he attacks? We speak death instead of life and don’t surrender to activate our fastest weapon. We don’t guard our heart or study to show ourselves approved to activate our most potent weapon. Bottom line, we let the little foxes spoil the vine, giving in to carnal thinking and making regrettable decisions. Blaming all of this on the devil creates a trap of our own imagination making us think we can’t overcome the inclination to do wrong—but we can!

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Why We Don’t” examines the strongholds that prevent us from living the God-companion Life™ designed for us by our loving Heavenly Father. Even though its impact is felt across all levels of society effecting every people group on the planet, there is only one completely inescapable, invisible stronghold builder always with us: our soul (mind, will and emotions).

Get ready to wrestle your soul to the ground. In a clear, authoritative way, this primer charts the soul work we need to do to start curating a wildly victorious life ablaze with freedom. Fix your favorite snack and beverage, grab a highlighter and pen, tuck into a comfortable seat, and understand “Why We Don’t.”

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