About Our Approach

Words & More, a sole proprietor consultancy branded in 1995, offers strategic marketing services to small and mid-sized businesses. As an empowered small business, we come alongside you and your leadership team to help you solve the challenging and difficult issues of the 21st Century marketplace with a perfect wisdom that has endured for generations.

Like other businesses, we know that planning, testing and other tools are a necessity and we use them. However, over the last three decades, I have endeavored to also bring God into all areas of my decision-making and extend His perfect advice to my clients—giving them a distinct business advantage.

Of course this approach is not for everyone. If you prefer your church and state on different vision boards, that’s okay; we won’t fall out about it. For others who are open to receiving from above, this consultancy welcomes your interest.

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Our work communicates the energy and integrity you bring to your marketplace. We market, coach, and create to help you be seen, heard and remembered.™

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