Damongo SSA


We’re using our time, talent and treasure to eliminate hunger and provide a sustainable source of income for 10 women and their families living in rural Damongo (the small town and capital of West Gonja district in the Northern Region of north Ghana in West Africa).

The Damongo Stone Soup Attributo project now includes seven swales (holes that reach an underground spring) and a 3-acre community vegetable farm that allows each woman to plant a specific crop. When combined, the crops form a nutritious meal for these families to share with each other. Surplus from the plantings are being sold to develop a source of income for them.

“Water from the swales irrigates the garden,” reports Majeed, but has also led to the development of a small fish hatchery, bringing the possibility of a new source of income for the families. To donate to the farm, please visit our Go-Fund-Me campaign.