Tell the truth:

Are you stuck? Feeling denied? Not making progress at work, church, school or home?

Not exactly embracing your gifts and talents? Uncomfortable going out alone?

Wondering what “personal brand” means—and if you should have it?

You’re not alone.

%Americans who listed job as their #1 stressor
%Americans who have taken leave due to stress
%American workers self-identified as burned out
Working days lost in Britain due to work-related stress
%Suicides that are work-related In France

photoBecome your True You:™
Having a coach provides a confident to share your concerns, clarify your wants and needs and translate them to achievable goals with real measures to track your progress and keep you energized and moving forward. Let’s be clear, though. A coach is not that “yes man” on your payroll. Sometimes you need to hear “no” or “not yet” or “not with those parameters.” To do otherwise is dishonest.

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