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Thirsting for change?

Over time, coaching helps the best you emerge. If you’re at life’s crossroads (emotionally or spiritually, in your education or career), trust us to help you uncover and enjoy the right path forward to a more satisfied being.


As an empowered small business, we come alongside you to help solve the challenging and difficult issues of your modern marketplace with wisdom that has endured for generations. As writers, we match your style. Tongue-tied? Try our style and just drop the mic!


Once the idea is out of your head, we go to work to communicate it cleanly, clearly, and memorably to your audience. Yes, we REALLY dig design! Our work supports all arenas from education, insurance and shoe divas, to the arts and ministries. Everyone appreciates good design.

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“So, it’s almost right,” you’re thinking.

In that case, a refresh may be all you need. We will tweak your logo, update your website, dress-up your PowerPoint, or make that report shine. Thank goodness a complete overhaul is not the only key that can be turned.


We’ve raised more than a half-million for worthy causes.

Money isn’t everything, but it makes many things happen. There’s no getting away from it, so if you’d like our help, we’re here for you. Tell us your mission and we’ll help unlock the vaults of compassion and commerce for your cause.


Strategy is the backbone of your operation.
Both challenges and solutions will flow from strategy. Right strategy. Right people. Right execution. Right flow. The right strategy is paramount to seeing you through a crisis and holding you to a steady course when unexpected options arise.


What our clients are saying

Thank you for your encouragement and assistance launching “Greatness Lives Within You!” Now is the time for this long-standing promise to manifest. It is my purpose and life passion.

Diana L. Morrow www.dianalmorrow.com

I have many people to thank for supporting me through my medical challenge. J. K., you help my supporters learn about my cause and that’s priceless.

Crystal Scott www.lilmisstransplant.com/

Thank you, Ms. J. K., for encouraging me to stretch and be great in my career as an artist and in my walk as a father.

Swiff Pesos CEO / Swiff Pesos Music

Website, stat! Usually, we are the ones to call when there’s an emergency. Thanks, J. K., for getting our website completed! You picked up where we left off and now we’re serving our fellow nurses and encouraging students to join this growing industry.

Karina Hurley/Kerine Dent-Alston www.statrns.com

Thank you, J. K., for helping make my dream of a fabulous online shoe store a reality. Your patience is amazing!

Tori Johnson www.stepitupshoeboutique.com

The most important support you provide is your vision. You see the end from the beginning and you never waiver from that course. Thank you!

Cherri Hawkins Master's student / Roberts Wesleyan

All artists create a path that brings them from sketch to finished product. Using metal as a medium is no exception—and it’s less daunting to Paul and me than that 8×10 sheet of paper we use called the Artist Statement. Thanks for making such a great companion to our body of work.

Christine Knoblauch www.christineknoblauch.com

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